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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radiology?

Who Performs the Exams?

Why Should I Have My Examination at East Texas Open MRI & Diagnostics?

Is Radiology Safe?

What is Radiology?

Radiology refers to medical imaging techniques that allow doctors to see inside a patientís body. Although the word "radiology" implies radiation or x-ray, not all of the techniques actually use radiation. Ultrasound utilizes digital high-frequency sound waves and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and radio frequency waves to produce images.

Who Performs the Exams?

The individuals who conduct the exams are trained and licensed radiology technologists and specially trained doctors called Radiologists. The images of the inside of your body that the exam generates might be pieces of film, such as x-ray, or they might be computer pictures that are viewed on a monitor such as CT. The pictures are then analyzed by Radiologists who "read" the pictures and provide the interpretation or results that are given to your physician.

Why Should I Have My Examination at a East Texas Open MRI & Diagnostics?

East Texas Open MRI & Diagnostics, one of the most advanced imaging centers in the region, offers you individualized care with the latest technology and a patient-focused, highly trained professional staff. Our Board Certified Radiologists are highly skilled and meet the strict credentialing and continuing education requirements of the American College of Radiology. There is always a Radiologist in the Center who is directing and monitoring exams and who is available to answer any questions that you or your doctor may have about your care. Preliminary results of exams are communicated promptly to the referring physician and a written final report follows within a few days.

Is Radiology Safe?

Within the medical community there is general agreement that the benefits of performing x-ray tests far outweigh the small amount of radiation associated with these studies.

Scientific advances allow for better images with lower doses of radiation. We continually upgrade our equipment and supplies to provide the latest technology and we adhere to a strict monitoring and quality assurance program for all equipment.

Ultrasound studies use sound waves, not radiation, and are harmless.

MRI uses a magnetic field and radio frequency waves, not radiation, and does not present any apparent risks. However, patients must be evaluated to insure that they are eligible for this type of study.

Prior to any exam, please inform the staff if you are, or think you may be, pregnant.

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